Internet Speed Test Internet Download, Upload, Ping & latency Checker

A simple internet speed test tool to check download, upload, latency and ping rate of your internet connection. Test your internet speed therefore; you can match speed test results with your internet connection speed. Do not be fooled by internet service providers and see if you are getting right speed that you have paid for. To test your internet connection please click on “GO” button below:

Many websites on internet provide internet speed test tools. by Ookla is one of the best. The speed test you have just performed above is same and embedded from

What information do you get from Internet Speed Test Tool?

Download Speed: Speed Test tool will tell you your internet connection average download speed in MB/s. This tells you how efficient is your internet connection. The more download speed you have the more data you can grab from internet into your PC. For example, amount to time required to download data file or streaming online.

Upload Speed: You will be able to see your average internet connection upload speed in MB/s. Upload speed means that at what rate you will be able to transfer data from your PC to internet or websites. For example; uploading a video on your YouTube channel. The more MB/second upload speed you have the more fast you can transfer file.

Latency Rate: It is also known as ping rate. Our speed test tool will tell you ping rate in milliseconds. Less time in milliseconds means that less time to connect to other websites on the internet. Latency rate is very important for online gaming. High ping rate affects online gaming experience as delays are caused by it.

How Accurate is Bandwidth Speed Test Tool ?

Internet speed checker is not 100% accurate since bandwidth speed depends on many factors. For example, number of people sharing the same internet connection can affect the accuracy of internet speed checker tool.